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The Competitive Alternatives 2010 survey from KPMG found that Mexico and Canada are the top two countries in the world when it comes to taxes and business, and major cities in Canada, like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver helped land them in that second-place p...
Canada (May 12th, 10)
Although there has been a lot of positive talk on the Canadian economy, the ongoing weak economic conditions and the strength of the Canadian dollar has caused business confidence to drop in Canada for the second quarter. Of particular note is the resistance ...
Canada (May 4th, 10)
Canada has been identified as one of the top countries in the world to do business in as far as cost competitiveness, according to a study by KPMG group. Of the ten countries researched, only Mexico finished ahead of them in the category. This is an improvem...
Canada (Mar 30th, 10)
A survey from American Express Canada found that about 38 percent of Canadian small businesses plan on hiring some time in 2010. When including all companies in Canada it drops to 15 percent, but that's better than then the last couple of years where contracti...
Canada (Mar 28th, 10)
Although this isn't the first time the Canadian dollar has surged in value over the last several years, it looks like this time around it will be a sustainable event and Canadian manufacturers are taking that into consideration in their operations and strategi...
Canada (Mar 17th, 10)
Charlotte, North Carolina will be the beneficiaries of a new push by Siemens Energy (NYSE:SI) to expand its operations in gas turbines, as they will plow $170 million into the expansion of a gas manufacturing facility, creating 825 new jobs in the area over th...
Canada (Mar 13th, 10)
Booksellers in Canada are almost in hysterics over the plan of (Nasdaq:AMZN) to build a fulfilment center in the country. While basing their argument on the silly idea of the book industry being part of the "cultural industry," no honest person woul...
Canada (Mar 11th, 10)
Viterra (TSE:VT) announced today it is in the process of acquiring Dakota Growers Pasta for $240 million in cash. Viterra is a transportation and agricultural product company based in Calgary. Dakota is one of the top dry pasta makers in the North American ma...
Canada (Mar 10th, 10)
Canada continues to show why they've done so well while other countries have struggled during the economic crisis, as in another smart and bold move, the Canadian government is looking to divest itself of assets after a period of time of going over all its ope...
Business (Mar 6th, 10)
Reynolds and Reynolds announced in a press release that they have an extension of its agreement to provide dealership management systems to BMW Group Canada as its exclusive provider. The agreement stems back to 2001 when they two companies entered into the e...
Canada (Feb 14th, 10)
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