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According to Bloomberg, U.S regulators have proposed a plan that will disincentivize Wall Street firms on their reliance on volatile short-term funding. In particular lenders would be required to depend on stable funding from sources such as deposits (CDs) , a...
United States (May 3rd, 16)
Mortgage rates in the US are low, so low in fact that some rates are even available at a 5% fixed for 30 years. However on the opposite end there is the US investor who wants to park their cash somewhere and is getting an ultra low 1.4% for a year or .99% for ...
United States (Feb 26th, 10)
It is now a question of when rather than if as regards rises in interest rates and that means investors looking at locking away their money in a term deposit, also known as a fixed term or certificate of deposit, need to rethink their strategy. Term deposits ...
Banking (Oct 28th, 09)
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Which banks offer the highest time deposit rates in England?
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Which banks offer the highest time deposit rates in England?
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