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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will deliver his semi-annual report later this week. The Chairman is expected to face extensive questioning over fears surrounding inflation in the US economy in addition to the stubborn unemployment rate. The Republicans...
United States (Feb 28th, 11)
The outlook for international food and grain supplies is looking more uncertain after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported projections that corn supply would decrease to lowest level in 15 years according to the Wall Street Journal. The...
United States (Feb 9th, 11)
Just about a weak after losing the most value since January, the Canadian dollar surged again, moving up the most in over a year, as the European Union announced they were going to offer a loan package to struggling euro-zone countries worth almost $1 trillion...
Foreign Exchange Market (May 10th, 10)
With the commodity market booming and prices rising with that demand, Australia will continue to be among the most expensive nations to borrow money in as Chinese demand for raw materials fuels the sector. According to the International Monetary Fund, gross d...
Australia (Apr 21st, 10)
Commodity prices have eased as the U.S. dollar has strengthened today, as ongoing concerns over the debt of the United States and Europe has investors migrating to the U.S. dollar. Some have attempted to throw this off as concerns over Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS)...
Commodities (Apr 19th, 10)
Most have heard that Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) was charged with fraud today by the SEC, so we won't get into all that, as you can read about that anywhere, what is far more important to me is the market response to it, which seems to imply investors are on edge ...
Investing (Apr 16th, 10)
With the fundamentals of copper not improving, and most of the 20-month high prices reflecting the interest of copper investors rather than copper demand, it could be that copper is ready for a correction as investors gravitate away from the metal to other sec...
Commodities (Apr 13th, 10)
A strong currency in any country can give its people a sense of pride, but there are a lot of challenges, especially in the case of the Canadian dollar, which has been used to sitting quietly in the background at a much lower level than its U.S. counterpart. ...
Canada (Apr 10th, 10)
The World Steel Association is up in arms about the changes in the way iron ore contracts by leading companies BHP Billiton (ASE:BHP) and Rio Tinto (TSE:RIO) and Vale SA, as they've changes from an annual to a quarterly time-frame. Representing about 180 coun...
Commodities (Apr 2nd, 10)
The Canadian dollar has rise again, this time largely on the increase in crude oil, as the currency reached its highest level in six weeks, and rose for the fourth day in a row. After a statement from the Canadian central bank yesterday left out the previous ...
Canada (Mar 3rd, 10)
Thinking their economy is strong enough to weather an interest rate increase, the central bank of Australia increased interest rates to four percent. Some concerns over the raising of interest rates at this time include the sovereign-debt risk from European c...
Australia (Mar 2nd, 10)
The recent decision by China to pressure its banks to cut back on lending has had a dampening effect on the commodity sector as doubts grow as to how much the giant emerging economy will spend on raw materials in 2010. Much of the demand for commodities and t...
Commodity Markets (Jan 30th, 10)
If you are wondering about the strength of the current rally, and where stocks are going, have a look  at this chart of the Dow over the past four months. Notice how the market head higher at the beginning of each month, and then drops sharply in the mid...
Stocks (Nov 11th, 09)
By Jan McCallumGold is likely to first spring to mind when metals are mentioned, yet it is only one metal in an increasingly large selection available to investors.The options for investing in metals such as platinum, palladium, nickel, silver, aluminium, copp...
Commodities (Sep 30th, 09)
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