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A survey from accounting firm Grant Thornton confirmed the majority of business owners and executives consider the country still in a recession, and have no plans to hire within the next six months, with 22 percent saying they're going to cut back on hiring. ...
United States (Apr 9th, 10)
Most of the headlines about the recent financial crisis have focused on the effects on the national and international economy. We have heard about recession, depression, double dips, unemployment, falls in the value of housing, banking failures etc. For very...
Banking (Feb 15th, 10)
If you are a homeowner and a family man and you have, at some time, lived beyond your means in an effort to provide for your family all the things that they want- then you will know roughly how many Western governments feel at the moment. If, at some time, yo...
Markets (Feb 12th, 10)
When we think about the current economic crisis that was, to a large extent, brought on by the lax lending practices of banks when financing the residential real estate market, what is it that comes to mind?   Is it the low documentation/no documentat...
Real Estate Market (Feb 12th, 10)
Which, I wonder, would be the riskiest thing to do this year, if you felt like a bit of excitement? Invest heavily in equity markets, invest heavily in government bonds, or buy a used Toyota from someone you don’t know? Leaving aside the Toyota issue fo...
Markets (Feb 9th, 10)
Is This The Price That The Middle Class In The United States Will Pay While the Obama administration talks about taxing the people that it considers wealthy, the actual burden for the huge level of deficit spending will fall on the middle class.  
United States (Feb 3rd, 10)
Keep Adding Zeros And Pretty Soon You’re Talking About Real Money! The Obama administration has issued its budget for the upcoming year, and the numbers are staggering. Unfortunately though, the numbers are not positive, but are record setting in ...
(Feb 1st, 10)
I am not a great fan of Alistair Darling, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. I think there have been times over the last couple of years when he has seemed uncertain and unconvincing when making speeches. Indeed, there has been at least one occasion...
(Feb 1st, 10)
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