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So while the US unemployment increases to 9.6% and xmas is only a few months away it is likely to be a grim holiday period for many, possibly even worse had there not be $82.2 billion given to low income workers and the unemployed with the stimulus.So the ques...
United States (Sep 4th, 10)
So while 4,100,000 jobs were lost in 2009, the recent drop from 10% to the current unemployment rate of 9.7% indicates the job market may be improving slightly. It also highlights perhaps employers were overzealous in layoffs and may be starting to look bac...
United States (Feb 27th, 10)
  Looking from afar at the US Jobs market situation it is unsettling to watch to say the least. With the unemployment rate to have recorded to have fallen to 9.7% it begs the question why the US has taken the brunt of the pain of the global financial cri...
Healthcare (Feb 24th, 10)
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