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Ford reported that it netted $2.6 billion in the past quarter, due to the increase in demand for ‘green’ cars and the slowly improving US economy. Additionally the fact that gas prices have been steadily increasing since the unrest in the Middle...
United States (Apr 26th, 11)
Investors liked what they heard when Moody's increased the corporate credit rating of Ford Motor (NYSE:F) to B2, driving up not only the share prices to 5-year highs, but also their bonds rose as well on the news. When Ford shares hit $14.02 at a little after...
Business (Mar 17th, 10)
Toyota (NYSE:TM) documents have been released that question the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress for not being "industry friendly" and as activist. This has been a growing concern for many people who feel the outrageous bailouts of certain aut...
Business (Feb 21st, 10)
Back in 1982, Johnson & Johnson faced a corporate crisis that can “brand” a company in more ways that one. The Tylenol brand of pain reliever had been poisoned with cyanide that had resulted in seven deaths. The way in which a company handles...
Transport (Feb 1st, 10)
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