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In Australia, mortgage competition has intensified as the big 4 banks cut their home lending rates in response to the RBA 0.25 per cent rate cut, with the interest rates at their lowest for more than 50 years. The big four banks National Australia Bank (N...
Australia (May 4th, 16)
Following the deregulation Non-Resident Indian deposits (NRI) by the Reserve Bank of India, banks within the country can now set their own interest rates for fixed deposits above one year (NRE accounts) and savings accounts (NRO accounts). These changes should...
Banking (Dec 28th, 11)
As an entrepreneur funding can be a important to drive growth in a business and can be an important element in a mix of what drives a startups success. In the United States venture capital investment has been an essential element in silicon valley startups i...
United States (Feb 18th, 11)
For the second month in a row, business confidence in Australia declined, as the number of businesses searching for workers seems to have declined, as the number of advertisements looking for workers dropped. The drop in job opportunities is probably the resu...
Business (May 10th, 10)
The Canadian dollar dropped the most in a week since January, ending the week by falling 1.1 percent to C$1.0162 for each U.S. dollar near the end of trading. Now one Canadian dollar will buy 98.41 U.S. cents after the downward move. For the week dipped 1.7 p...
Canada (May 1st, 10)
With the commodity market booming and prices rising with that demand, Australia will continue to be among the most expensive nations to borrow money in as Chinese demand for raw materials fuels the sector. According to the International Monetary Fund, gross d...
Australia (Apr 21st, 10)
No matter how you look at it, passing the 5 percent barrier for mortgage rates is a psychological event, and it could have a strong negative impact on the U.S. housing market as we enter into what is normally the strongest sales season of the year in the Unite...
Real Estate Market (Apr 1st, 10)
Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) analysts said today that China could be a primary driver of gold demand in the years ahead, based on the opening up of their jewelry market and encouragement to invest in the precious metal. “Along with the liberalization of t...
Commodities (Mar 22nd, 10)
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