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Last February Deutsche Börse AG and the NYSE Euronext, announced the highly anticipated, highly covered $10 billion deal to create the biggest exchange operator in the world. However, a steady steam of rumors surfaced before the negotiations closed that...
United States (Apr 4th, 11)
The Chicago-based investment trust Ventas Inc. has come to an agreement to buy Newport Beach-based Nationwide Health Properties Inc. in a stock-swap merger worth roughly $7.4 billion. This would make the largest health-care Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) ...
United States (Feb 28th, 11)
The reports that have surfaced regarding a possible merger between the Nasdaq OMX Group and IntercontinentalExchange Inc. (ICE) now indicate that the deal is less likely to go through, but that a mutual bid for the NYSE Euronext is still possible. The possibl...
United States (Feb 20th, 11)
Despite the presence of enduring concerns about the Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext merger being completed due to other potential bidders and other political concerns, the companies have announced today their tie-up plans for the merger, which are projec...
United States (Feb 15th, 11)
The buzz in the financial world lately has largely been centering on the anticipated merger between Deutsch Börse AG and the New York Stock Exchange’s Euronext, but according to reports today there might be another potential bidder in the market. CM...
United States (Feb 14th, 11)
Senator Charles Schumer, an influential member on the Senate Banking Committee, has reversed his position on the NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse AG merger on the issue of who should lead the company. As details came out about the merger last week, the sc...
United States (Feb 13th, 11)
The merger between the NYSE and Deutsche Börse AG is causing major concern in the financial world. The New York Post broke the story claiming that the deal may end “Wall Street’s claim to being the financial center of the world.” The de...
United States (Feb 10th, 11)
A significant merger in the health industry is expected to take place later this week. It is anticipated that Sanofi-Aventis will acquire Genzyme Corp. later this week. The deal has taken longer than expected due to prolonged assessment of Genzyme’s fina...
United States (Feb 6th, 11)
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