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The status of the economic recovery has been threatened by the recent turmoil in the international sphere. The sluggish economic recovery in the European Union, plagued by the Greek and Irish economies, the increasing inflation in China, the protests in the ...
United States (Apr 11th, 11)
According to an article in the Washington Post, the rising food and energy prices are corroding the effects of the tax cuts. The extra money workers received this past January from the reduction in the payroll tax has halted momentum in consumer spending. The...
United States (Feb 28th, 11)
According to Reuters, the Japanese Nikkei average fell by 2 percent Tuesday indicating a reversal from the nine and a half months of highs. This marks the first decline the Nikkei is posting in the past seven days. Analysts attribute the decline to profit-taki...
United States (Feb 21st, 11)
According to aggregated information of AAA, Wright Express, and the Oil Price Information service, the price of gas has climbed 2.4 cents since last week. Analysts predict that gas prices will increase by as much as 8 cents over the next two weeks. These findi...
United States (Feb 5th, 11)
Global Travel is down accross most of the world with many major airlines being affected by slowing ticket sales according to IATA (International Air Transport Association.) In summary Asia Pacific sales are down 14 per cent from May last year Mexico plane...
Airlines (Jun 28th, 09)
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