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President Obama came out today with a counter plan to tackle the national debt. According to his plan, through a series of cuts, tax increases, and other measures his plan would trim roughly $4 trillion from the deficit in the next twelve years. The focus of...
United States (Apr 13th, 11)
The White House recently issued a statement regarding the potential of a governmental shutdown. The stance of the Obama Administration on the impending governmental shutdown is that the shutdown would threaten the nascent economic recovery exhibited in the US ...
United States (Apr 6th, 11)
Last Tuesday, the Republican Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Representative Paul Ryan, released his budget proposal. As was anticipated, the House GOP plan will result in heavy cuts in funding from government services and programs as an attempt to dr...
United States (Apr 5th, 11)
The highly anticipated spending bill from the now GOP-controlled House is coupling budget cuts with relaxed regulations that are intended to comprehensively restrict the Obama administration’s budget for not only the implementation of the health care law...
United States (Feb 19th, 11)
On Monday, the Obama administration is expected to release its second major policy proposal with regard to cultivating economic recovery. This proposal will focus solely on budgetary details for fiscal year 2012. The plan is expected to detail a $1.1 trillion ...
United States (Feb 13th, 11)
The Obama administration came out on Friday afternoon with its highly anticipated ‘white paper’ proposing solutions to revamping the nation’s broken mortgage system. The plan entitled “Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market&rd...
United States (Feb 12th, 11)
House Republican Leadership has called for extensive spending cuts nearing 25 percent on non-military sectors of the economy. The targets of large portions of these cuts are the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and federally funded public broadcasting. Th...
United States (Feb 11th, 11)
After 18 days of intense protests from Egyptian citizens, President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down after holding office for over 30 years. The significance of this moment in international politics has been compared to the magnitude of the fall of the Berlin Wa...
United States (Feb 11th, 11)
According to Reuters, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comment on the housing market was that the only time the U.S. Government should back home loans is as a last resort in a time of severe economic stress. By the end of the week, President...
United States (Feb 9th, 11)
According to CNN Money, stocks are signaling early gains. The critical factor for the market today will be President Obama’s much anticipated speech at the Chamber of Commerce and the unveiling of the latest government data on consumer debt. The Dow Indu...
United States (Feb 7th, 11)
All major US stock exchanges closed today at with encouraging gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today up 69.48 points bringing its total index to 12161.63. According to the Wall Street Journal, this represents its highest index since June 16, 2008...
United States (Feb 7th, 11)
While many profess from middle class America to have felt neglected by the Obama administration it is important to highlight some of the key items that have affected the middle class the past 2 years. With very high unemployment and elections coming up in Nove...
United States (Sep 5th, 10)
Toyota (NYSE:TM) documents have been released that question the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress for not being "industry friendly" and as activist. This has been a growing concern for many people who feel the outrageous bailouts of certain aut...
Business (Feb 21st, 10)
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