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After the recent rate cut from the RBA,  Commonwealth Bank chief economist Michael Blythe in a note to their investors  indicated that the bank expects the RBA to make more additional interest rate cuts. “We had penciled in another 25 basis poi...
Australia (May 14th, 16)
The recent cut by the RBA in Australia benefited many with mortgage balances as the big banks mentioned to cut loan rates, while for many self funded retirees who had term deposits to rely on for their fixed income portion of their portfolio could face continu...
Australia (May 3rd, 16)
It is now a question of when rather than if as regards rises in interest rates and that means investors looking at locking away their money in a term deposit, also known as a fixed term or certificate of deposit, need to rethink their strategy. Term deposits ...
Banking (Oct 28th, 09)
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