Tuesday, September 25th 2018

Mark Riddix

Mark is the founder and president of New Horizons Financial Management. New Horizons is an independent investment advisory firm that provides personalized consulting services in investment and asset management. Mark has a degree in finance and has worked in investment management for the past five years. Mark has written a personal finance column for Baltimore and Washington metropolitan newspapers and writes a financial blog at http://buylikebuffett.com

Mark Riddix's Blog


Buy Like Buffett is devoted to discussing all things finance. This blog will discuss any and all matters dealing with being financially responsible and building wealth. Some of the topics will include investment ideas, reducing debt, saving money, building credit, retirement planning, money management, college planning, etc.  Buy Like Buffett discusses daily financial news, specific books, software and online resources that might be useful in building your financial future. 

Mark Riddix
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