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Corporate Banking

Corporate Banks deal with large corporations and provide services like risk analysis and capital management. The financial picture of a large corporation is very complex. Careful attention has to be given to a variety of financial arrangements. A corporate banker may keep track of the corporation's debt obligations; which notes are about to mature and may need to be refinanced.

Corporate banking if often related to investment banking as advice is given on mergers and acquisitions, the raising of capital for various purposes whether or not the corporation should pay dividends to it's shareholders. Current asset management is also a part of corporate banking: how much cash a corporation should have on hand and management of current inventory.

Consultation on hedging costs through the use of derivatives may also be given. The buying an selling of Credit default swaps, options and futures could all be a part of risk management provided to a corporation by it's bank. The bank may acquire these derivatives as well as keep track of them while they are being employed.

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