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Think of marketing in business as the the air support for the sales battle waged by your company each day. Marketing has several critical functions: develop the brand of the company, increase recognition of the company, come up with advertising campaigns, find clever ways of getting the masses to know about the company and its products, to develop the materials that will be distributed to leads and client, and on and on.

Marketing might be one person or an entire department or outsourced entirely. Advertising agencies often play this role for companies handling all aspects of their brand management, campaign development and advertising channels. This totally frees up your business from making these decisions but opens you up to three new problems: expense, you are on the timeline of the ad agency and they may or may not know enough of what you do to effectively perform this task. Salespeople really rely on marketing to clear the path for them to get clients and sell products. If it does not do this, marketing is useless.

Marketing areas: letterhead, logo, catalogs, campaigns, advertisement, packaging, online presence, and online campaigns.

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