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In the Euro zone, Germany is considered to be one of the strongest economies; that will either le...
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Over the past few weeks a number of different concerns have been risen about the possibility that...
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Population:  82 million, of which 88 per cent live in urban areas.   The population is falling slightly and is also ageing.  By 2050 there will be twice as many 60-year olds as newborn children.

Political structure:  A federation of 16 states.  The national capital is Berlin.  Germany is a member of the eurozone and is the largest country, by population, in the European Union.

Economy:  Europe’s largest economy.  Germany is a major manufacturer and exporter of machinery, vehicles, chemicals, metals and textiles and its companies have a reputation for quality and technical innovation.  There is also a large services sector including many small businesses specializing in craft trades. 
About three-quarters of its exports go to other European countries, 11 per cent to Asia and 10 per cent to the United States.  About 70 per cent of imports come from Europe.


Sources   (Federal Statistical Office)

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