Asset Manager

Asset Manager Meaning:
Asset management is broadly defined as the process of managing and monitoring tangible and intangible assets, on behalf of individual and corporate clients. An asset manager is usually a part of a financial services company that provides asset management services, by maintaining and supervising an individual client's or a corporate company's tangible and intangible financial portfolio. An asset manager maintains, operates and disposes of the entire portfolio of assets in the most cost-effective manner, on behalf of his clients.

Asset Manager Example:
An asset manager incorporates a balance of costs, risks and opportunities, against desired performance, in order to achieve the financial objectives of a client. The overall goal of the asset manager is to maximize the value of the client's assets. Asset managers and asset management companies do thorough market research and analysis, in order to determine the best investments to make on behalf of their clients, while delivering superior customer service levels within the regulatory framework of the country they are operating in.