DEMAT Account

DEMAT Account Meaning:
In India's banking terminology, the term DEMAT Account refers to a deposit made at an Indian financial institution that can be used for investing in shares of stocks and other financial assets. Securities are held electronically in a DEMAT Account, thereby eliminating the need for physical paper certificates.

DEMAT Account Example:
For example, a DEMAT Account became available after India adopted the DEMAT system for the electronic storing of stock shares and other securities in 1996. DEMAT is short for "Dematerialized" and such accounts require that an investor open an account with an investment broker linked to a savings or other funded account. Access to a DEMAT Account requires both an Internet and transaction password, and such accounts allow for the transfer of securities without any physical certificates changing hands. This feature helps prevent problems such as: loss, forgery or theft of the certificates and makes the process of buying and selling securities much more efficient.
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