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Financial Adviser

Financial Adviser Meaning:
The term financial adviser is the most common used term for a financial services professional that provides the business of provide financial advice. It a variation of similar titles such as financial advisor, financial planner, investment advisor that provide almost identical services. Typically "Advisor" may be used in North America. Differing from brokers, who execute trades on behalf of their clients, financial advisers provide financial advice that may include investments, tax planning, insurance and budgeting. They may also create and manage assets and portfolios.

Financial Adviser Example:
In Australia, legislation uses the spelling "Adviser" so that is the source of truth in Industry, while spellings both are used in marketing and general usage. While in Canada, Ontario Securities Commission indicates that "adviser" is the legal term under securities law that describes a person or company that is registered to give advice about securities, while "advisor" is not. In The US, legislation provision of investment advice is titled the “Investment Advisers Act of 1940.”, however the regulator(SEC) will treat anyone who calls themselves "financial advisers,” “financial advisor” or “financial consultant" the same. If you provide investment advice you will be regulated like an “Investment Adviser.”