Premier Banking

Premier Banking Meaning:
Premier Banking refers to an exclusive banking and financial service that is personalized to cater to the needs of certain clients of the bank like large corporations, business owners and high net-worth individuals. Customers may enjoy several special services and privileges offered in Premier banking, as long as their account meets with certain minimum specifications, as prescribed by each individual bank. Premier banking is different from retail and corporate banking, as this service is not available to all the bank�s clients.

Premier Banking Example:
The special services and privileges offered by banks include a special dedicated relationship manager, access to the bank's global centers, team of wealth and transactional specialists, tailored investment offerings, preferential rates and emergency assistance to family members. Similar to private banking, services may also incorporate wealth management, all-round asset management, account consolidation, estate planning, investments, insurance and retirement planning. These personalized services denote exclusivity and customized offerings. An example of a provider of this type of offering is HSBC.