Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Meaning:
Tax advisory is a specialist tax advice service provided by multinational consulting firms as well as accountancy firms that include but not limited to corporate customers from mid-sized organizations to multi-national corporations. These services may cover local and international considerations include tax planning, tax governance, tax risks and mitigation strategies , meeting compliance responsibilities, optimizing tax positions and tax efficiency.

Tax Advisory Example:
Multinational firms such as PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, BDO and Crowe offer tax advisory as a tailored service that is provided as a tax consulting service or corporate tax advisory. Companies may provide solutions to identify and evaluate indirect, multi jurisdictional, corporate and employment tax considerations. For example tax risks in M&A, JVs, management buy-outs, restructures, equity investments, or divestitures as well as tax implication from from legislative changes and cash flow impacts of tax payments. Firms may offer these advisory services with consultants offered to provide solutions in due diligence, structuring, modelling, financing and compliance reporting.