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Treasury Services

Treasury Services Meaning:
Treasury services term is an investment banking term that describes services provided from some large banks that offer cash management, liquidity management, FX payment, escrow and trade solutions to corporations. Typically these also include payables, receivables, interest rate and FX rate exposures. Some banks offer treasury services through their internal operations that may include a fixed income or money market desk for interest bearing securities, FX desks for currencies and capital market desks for equities. For example its solutions can include to assist in managing cash balances, transactions and information through client channels like digital that include online, APIs, mobile or through excel spreadsheets.

Treasury Services Example:
Banks such as BNY Mellon and JP Morgan offer treasury services solutions for its clients with JP Morgan for example offering liquidity management solutions that integrates payments, FX and payments to assist in tackling cross-border liquidity challenges, while also offering trade finance, escrow and processing.