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Venture Capitalist

Venture Capitalist Meaning:
In venture capital terminology, the term Venture Capitalist refers to a private investor or investors which provide venture capital funding to promising start-ups and small business ventures.

Venture Capitalist Example:
For example, a Venture Capitalist will invest a large amount of money in businesses in many cases in order to see a large return on their investment. By investing in smaller companies with exceptional growth potential, Venture Capitalists expect returns of at least 25% annually within one to five years of their original investment. Often, the Venture Capitalist will also provide management and technical assistance, as well as funding, and will sometimes demand up to a 50% ownership interest in the company in return for the risk the Venture Capitalist has assumed in making the loans. The Venture Capitalist can be a wealthy individual, a Venture Capital Firm or a Venture Capital Fund.

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