Saturday, August 18th 2018


Population:  63 million

Political structure:  A republic with a president and a prime minister.  The capital is Paris and France is a member of the European Union.  France is part of the eurozone and the national language is French. 

Economy:  France has a large industrial sector and is well known for automobile manufacture, aerospace, information technology, electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and fashion. Significant exports include consumer and intermediate goods and capital goods. France also has a large agricultural sector and exports significant amounts of food and agricultural products.  Energy is a major import cost.

A report by the OECD says that since the beginning of the decade, France has seen a marked decline in its export performance, leading to growing concerns about the economy’s capacity to adapt to the intensified globalisation of trade and investment in goods and services.   It says that restoring competitiveness will require steps to strengthen the country’s growth potential and suggests fostering research and development, promoting innovation, reducing the tax burden, boosting competition and creating favorable conditions for businesses to grow rapidly.



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