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National Australia Bank Limited (ASX: NAB) is one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks. It has operations in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It was first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1974.

The National Australia Bank was originally called the National Bank of Australasia when it was founded in 1858 with headquarters in Melbourne and a branch in South Australia. In 1981 the National Bank of Australasia merged with the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited (which had been operating since 1834) and changed its name to The National Australia Bank.

In 2000 NAB merged with MLC Limited, an insurer, in one of Australia’s largest-ever merger deals. NAB maintains MLC as a separate ‘visual identity’ alongside NAB – it’s their asset and wealth management arm.

In the UK Nab operates under two brands: Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank. In New Zealand they have Bank of New Zealand brand, and in the US it’s Great Western Bank.

Profits were AUD$3.481 billion in 2009.

NAB headquarters are in Melbourne’s Docklands area.
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