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ORG - Origin

Origin Energy Limited (ASX: ORG) is an Australian energy company. It operates in a range of sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. It was first listed on the Australia Stock exchange in 2000.

Origin Energy was created in 2000 when Boral Limited demerged. Boral Limited spun off its building materials business and renamed itself to Origin Energy Limited. Parts of Boral Limited at the time of the demerger that were in the energy business dated back to 1850, so Origin could be said to have roots that go back that far in Australia.

Origin operates within a number of different sectors in the energy business. These include oil and gas exploration, retail provision of gas and electricity, electricity generation from natural gas, and gas transportation and distribution. Itís also involved in renewable energy, with wind farms and an investment in the geothermal power company Geodynamics.

Origin recorded an underlying profit (after tax and minority interests) of AUD$513 million in the year to 30 June 200.

Origin headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.
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