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CAH - Cardinal Health

CARDINAL HEALTH INC (NYSE: CAH) was founded in 1971 by Robert D. Walter in Columbus, Ohio, under the name Cardinal Foods. Until 1979 they were a regional food distributor, but then added pharmaceutical distribution to their product mix and service at that time.

In 1983 the company went public as Cardinal Health, and in 1988 they sold the original food distribution business as pharmaceutical sales exploded.

The Healthcare Supply Chain Services division distributes healthcare products to a variety of customers, including hospitals, private care providers and retail customers.

In the Clinical and Medical Products they work on creating and manufacturing medical technology products and software.

Cardinal Health acquired VIASYS Healthcare in 2007 and in 2009 spun off its Clinical and Medical Products unit under the name CareFusion Corporation.

Cardinal Health Inc. is headquarterd in Dublin, Ohio.
Company Name:
Cardinal Health
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United States

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