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CEG - Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) was evidently founded as the Gas Light Company of Baltimore of 1816, though other list the date of the inception as 1906.

Through it three major business sectors, which include Merchant Energy, Regulated Electric, and Regulated Gas, the company provides energy products and services to its customers, which are primarily in the North American market.

With the growing demand for energy and nuclear plants in the United States, Constellation has positioned itself to be among the leaders in bringing new nuclear plants online once they're approved.

In accordance with that strategy, they acquired Nufcor International from AngloGold Ashanti and FirstRand International in 2008, which trades in uranium, which is used in the nuclear industry.

The Fortune 500 company is still based in Baltimore, Maryland.
Company Name:
Constellation Energy
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United States

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