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CHS - Chicos

Chico's FAS INC (NYSE:CHS) was founded in Florida in 1983, and in a relatively short time has increased its number of women's specialty clothing stores exponentially. In the first store they sold cotton sweaters and Mexican folk art.

Major brands or segments the company operates under are Chico's, White House | Black Market and Soma Intimates. There are about 651 Chicos boutiques, 347 White House | Black House Boutiques and about 76 Soma Intimates boutiques.

Women over 35 years of age are targeted by the Chico brand, the White House | Black House brand targets women 25 years old and over, while the Soma Intimates focuses intimate apparel for the ladies.

Chicos FAS caters to middle income to high income level women with a hands-on approach, including the entire design stage, including the fabric to use, color, prints, patterns, and the rest connected to the overall process. Along with their in-house design team, they do at times work with independent designers or vendors for certain products.

The company sells its products through its physical retail outlets as well as direct through catalogs and the Internet.

Chico's FAS, headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida.
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