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COP - Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips (NYSE: COP) is an energy company created in August 30, 2002 as the result of a merger between Conoco and Philips.

Conoco was launched in 1875 under the name of Continental Oil and Transportation Company, while Phillips, whose most well-known brand is Phillips 66, was started in 1917. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

The company was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 15, 1929, and a month later the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began.

Products offered or produced by Conoco Phillips include Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Lubricants and Petrochemicals.

Some of its larger recent acquisitions have been Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft mbH in Germany and Burlington Resources.

Besides Phillips 66, other major brands marketed by the company are Conoco, Union 76 and Jet. Jet is marketed in the European Union.
Company Name:
Conoco Phillips
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United States

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