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DPHIQ - Delphi

Delphi Corp. was launched in 1997 as Delphi Electronics when it was spun off from Hughes Defense.

The company went public in 1999 as Delphi Automotive Systems, although it changed its name to Delphi Corporation in 2002.

Almost since its inception in 1997, Delphi Corp. has went through one one disaster after another, as the large automotive supplier struggles to be profitable after emerging out of a recent bankruptcy.

Even after selling off numerous parts of its businesses in preparation for emerging out of bankruptcy, Delphi still remains of the largest supplier of automotive parts in the world, even though they have been delisted from the stock exchange and are now listed under pink sheets.
They will surely attempt to be relisted on the NYSE once they settle down and get the business healthy once again. They still employ over 100,000 people internationally.

Delphi . (PINK:DPHIQ) operates under three business segments: Consumer Products, Manufacturer Products and Aftermarket & Dealer Products.

Delphi is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.
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