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ESRX - Express Scripts

Express Scripts (Nasdaq: ESRX) traces its roots to 1986 as the result of a merger between Health Information Design and Medicost. At the time it was called ValueRx.

Express Scripts bought the company in 1998 after a number of mergers and acquisitions made it the largest subsidiary of Value Health, who had acquired it in 1988.

Operating in two business lines: Pharmacy Benefit Management Services and Specialty and Ancillary Services, Express Scripts focuses on the North American market.

Through pharmacy management, pharmacy home delivery, drug card programs, drug utilization review, compliance and therapy management, among other programs, the company has as its mission to make it more affordable and safer to use prescription drugs.

Acquisitions include the Pharmacy Services Division of Medical Services Company, Phoenix Marketing Group, ConnectYourCare and WellPoint's NextRx subsidiaries.

Express Scripts is based in St. Louis, Missouri.
Company Name:
Express Scripts
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United States

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