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EXC - Exelon

Exelon (NYSE: EXC) was founded in 1881 by Thomas Dolan, who talked 10 wealthy Philadelphia businessmen into investing in The Brush Electric Light Company of Philadelphia in 1880. In 1886, Dolan ended up being the head of the company, along with his other roles as chairman and treasurer.

From that beginning Exelon has become a large utility services holding company, operating through four major subsidiaries: Exelon Generation Company, LLC (Generation), Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) and PECO Energy Company (PECO).

Exelon serves the northern Illinois and southeastern Pennsylvania markets. In its northern Illinois market is serves electricity to residential, commercial, industrial, and wholesale customers, while in its southeastern Pennsylvania market is sells retail electricity and natural gas to its customers.

Electricity is generated from a variety of means, including hydroelectric, nuclear and fossil. Total net capacity generated by Exelon is 24,850 megawatts as of the end of 2009.

The company serves about 3.8 million Illinois customers and a little over 2 million customers in Pennsylvania including both electricity and natural gas customers.

Exelon Corporation is based in Chicago, Illinois.
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