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GE - General Electric

The ever-prolific businessman and inventor Thomas Edison gathered together a number of his businesses in 1892 and created what was originally called Edison General Electric through a merger with the Thomson-Houston Company, and is of course today known around the world as simply General Electric Company (NYSE: GE); a global conglomerate which is usually among the top several companies in the world. In 2009 they were identified as the largest.

Not too long afterward in 1896, General Electric had the privilege of being listed as one of the initial 12 companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Today they are the only company left since that time remaining on the Dow.

General Electric has so many diverse sectors it operates in, that even its leaders struggle to grasp the overall business. But at its core, General Electric's business segments include NBC Universal, energy infrastructure, technology infrastructure, capital finance and consumer & industrial, with all sorts of sub-categories emerging from them.

Their latest large deal has been to merge their huge media business NBC Universal with cable giant Comcast.

General Electric has its headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.
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General Electric
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United States

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