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GS - Goldman Sachs

GOLDMAN SACHS GRP (NYSE: GS) is a bank holding company and considered one of the most, if not the most, successful financial institutions in the world. Goldman went from being exclusively an investment bank to a bank holding company in 2008.

Founded in 1869, it will surprise a lot of people to know they didn't go public until 1999, and that only after decades of debate. In the beginning they only offered a small portion of the company for investment, but now has enlarged that significantly from their IPO.

Included in the services they offer, which is for the most part provided to institutions - although some high-net-worth individuals would be included - are, investment banking, commercial banking, investment management, prime brokerage and commodities.

Goldman's operations are spread across three major core businesses: Investment Banking, Asset Management and Trading and Principal Investments. The Trading and Principal Investments is by far the most important and profitable for the company, accounting for approximately 68 percent of earnings and revenue for the company.

Headquarters for Goldman Sachs is in New York City.
Company Name:
Goldman Sachs
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United States

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