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MCK - McKesson

MCKESSON CORP (NYSE: MCK) has from its inception in 1833 been primarily a health care company, and targeted drugs and chemicals related to health care of that day. In the beginning, founders John McKesson and Charles Olcott imported these products and eventually wholesaled them across America.

Today the company is among the largest in the world, generating revenue of over $106 billion annually. It still delivers medical and health related products, except now their customers are the entire world.

Along with the medicine and medical supplies the company continues to provide its customers, McKesson has also become a source of important health care information technology, supply chain help and software related to the medical field.

There are two basic divisions McKesson operates from, and they are their Distribution Solutions unit and Technology solutions. Together they service hospitals, pharmacies, biotech manufacturers, doctors, patients and homecare providers.

Mckesson while founded in New York, now has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.
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