Wednesday, August 21st 2019

MUR - Murphy Oil

Murphy Oil Corporation (NYSE:MUR) in its beginning had nothing to do with oil, as it was a banking and lumber business before it got into the oil production business in 1907 in the Caddo Field in the northern part of Louisiana.

The company was officially incorporated as Murphy Corporation in 1950, also in Louisiana, and in 1964 it was reincorporated as Murphy Oil Corporation in Delaware.

For years the banking, farm and timber operations of the company were its major businesses, but they were spun off as Deltic Timber Corporation in 1996.

The Murphy Oil Corporation of today is primarily focused on global gas and oil exploration, refining and marketing of those products. The two businesses are called Exploration and Production, and Refining and Marketing.

Murphy runs a chain of gas stores in the mid-west and southeast under the Murphy USA brand. They are operate at Wal-Mart locations in their markets.
Company Name:
Murphy Oil
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United States

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