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RAD - Rite Aid

Alexander Grass opened the first store in 1962, which would eventually become Rite Aid (NYSE:RAD). The name given the first store was Thrif D Discount Center.

The company exploded in growth, and in ten years it had 267 Rite Aid stores spread across ten states. Growth came organically and through acquisitions. Included with the acquisitions were Read's Drug Store, Hooks Drug, Perry Drug Stores, Thrifty PayLess, Harco, Inc. and K & B Inc.

While being a retail drugstore, the primary business Rite Aid operates is pharmacy services.

In 1968 the name of the company was officially changed to Rite Aid Corporation, the same year they went public on the American Stock Exchange. In two years they had their listing changed to the New York Stock Exchange.

Rite Aid has stores in 31 states, and operates over 4,900 stores.

Rite Aid Corporation is headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
Company Name:
Rite Aid
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United States

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