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S - Sprint NeXtel

Sprint NeXtel CP (NYSE: S) is a giant telecommunications company with its roots dating back to 1899 when Cleyson Brown launched the Brown Telephone Co. in Abilene, Kansas.

Sprint NeXtel itself became a company in 2005 when Sprint acquired Nextel Communications.

Originally a landline telephone company competing with Bell, now Sprint NeXtel is primarily a wireless, wireline communications company, and also a major provider of wireless broadband services.

Acquisitions for the company have been focused on its affiliated companies which originally opposed the merger between Sprint and Nextel because of concerns existing agreements would be violated, and consequently the company has had to either acquire the affiliates outright or renegotiate the terms of the agreements already in place.

The most recent acquisitions include Northern PCS, Virgin Mobile USA, and iPCS.

Sprint NeXtel generated $ 35.64 billion in revenue in 2008, but has struggled to be profitable as it has one of the highest customer turnover rates in the industry.

Headquarters for Sprint NeXtel is located in Overland Park, Kansas.
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Sprint NeXtel
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United States

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