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SPLS - Staples

Staples (Nasdaq:SPLS) was created by Thomas G. Stemberg in 1986 when he was working on a business proposal and ran out of ribbon for his printer. When he tried to get some, it was Independence Day in America and the local store wasn't opened. From that frustrating experience Stemberg got the idea for the need of a office supply superstore to meet the needs of businesses at all time.

Staples sells all types of office supplies, including furniture, services and technology through its three business lines: North American Delivery, North American Retail, and International Operations.

The company serves not only the North American market, but has a growing presence in 27 countries based in South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Markets in Latin America, China and India have been a major focus of Staples since 2004.

Along with its superstores Staples sells direct through the Internet, catalog and sales force.

Major acquisitions include Corporate Express, Thrive Networks, Medical Arts Press and Office World.

Staples is based in Framingham, Massachusetts.
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