Tuesday, August 21st 2018

SYY - Sysco

Sysco CP (NYSE: SYY), founded by The company was founded by Herbert Irving and John F. Baugh in 1969, is a major foodservice distributor and the largest such company in North America.

Some of the businesses Sysco distributes to include all sizes of restaurant businesses, movie theaters, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, and any type of permanent or temporary situation which needs foodservice supplies to operate and function.

The company went public on March 3, 1970 when annual sales were $115 million. Since that time sales have surged to over $37 billion as of their fiscal year 2008.

Some key acquisitions since 2000 were SERCA Foodservices, which it re-branded as Sysco Canada, and ASIAN Foods, which was the largest distributor of food serving the Asian market in North America at the time.

Headquarters for Sysco are located in Houston, Texas, USA.
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