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T - AT&T

AT&T INC.(NYSE: T) is a large, global telecommunications company based in Dallas, Texas. The company changed its name from SBC Communications Inc. in 2005 when it merged with AT&T. The communications giant was founded in 1983.

Along with its core business of providing local and long distance television services, it also provides digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet access services along with digital television offerings.

A lot of AT&T's recent growth has come from its wireless division, which provides a variety of plans to its customers, including the extension of its local and long distance services beyond landline to wireless services. Within that context they also offer roaming services for those always on the go.

Some of its latest and largest acquisitions include Cellular One, Centennial and Wayport, based on the "new AT&T" which considers its future in the wireless sector.

In the Advertising and Publishing division of the company, they've been focusing on building up its advertising business on the Web, along with continuing to public directories. For business they're focusing on conferencing and collaborating across a number of industries where demand continues to grow.

They now brand themselves solely as AT&T.
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