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TRV - Travelers

The Travelers Co. (NYSE: TRV) was started in 1853 by Alexander Wilkin and a group of businessman located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The original name of the company was St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company.

Today Travelers offers up numerous products through three main business sectors: Business Insurance; Financial, Professional, and International Insurance; and Personal Insurance.

Travelers sell almost all types of insurance to government, business and consumers in the United States, although they do a little business outside of the country.

The company has gone through so many mergers, acquisitions, and being acquired itself, that it makes your head spin to follow them, and thatís only in the last 20 years.

In one of those events, Travelers Group merged with Citicorp to form Citigroup, which interestingly they replaced as one of the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average not too long after Citigroup sold them to another company.

In 2009 Travelers moved its headquarters from Saint Paul, Minnesota to New York City.
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