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TSO - Tesoro

Tesoro (NYSE: TSO) was launched in 1968 by Dr. Robert V. West Jr. as an company focusing on petroleum exploration and production. The first refinery of the company went online in Kenai, Alaska in 1969.

After a series of divestitures and acquisitions, Tesoro realigned itself to had one core business, and that was the refining and marketing of petroleum.

The original business of the company of exploration and production was sold off in 1999, with the marine services unit sold in 2003.

Recent acquisitions include the Los Angeles refinery of Shell, which included about 250 gas stations in Southern California, along with another 150 stations in California from USA Petroleum. Now the company owns approximately 900 branded gas stations, for the most part under the names Shell, USA Gasoline, Tesoro and Mirastar.

On the commercial side Tesoro sells jet and marine fuel.

The company's headquarters is in San Antonio, Texas.
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