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UAUA - UAL Corporation

UAL Corporation (NASDAQ:UAUA) was founded in 1926 by a man named Walter Varney, who created Varney Airlines, which is allegedly the oldest commercial airline in America.

Shortly afterwards in 1927, William Boeing formed his own airline named Boeing Air Transport, and acquired Varney Airlines, as well as other carriers to grow the company.

UAL Corporation, whose chief subsidiary is United Air Lines, runs its operations through to major businesses: Mainline and United Express. The difference between the two is whether or not the aircraft have more than 70 seats, where in that case it operates under Mainline, while if it has under 70 seats it is considered United Express.

Besides passengers, it also delivers mail and property on an international basis.

Its combination of flights are over 3,300 on a daily basis, including all its segments, and serves over 200 markets globally. Including its venture with Star Alliance carriers, they serve close to 900 destinations in 160 countries.

The company is based in Chicago, Illinois.
Company Name:
UAL Corporation
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United States

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