World Deposit Rates

Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Argentina 27.6% 15,854 42,669,500 52,57% - ARS Aug 2019
Uzbekistan 11% $3,762 30,492,800 20.00% - UZS Jun 2018
Turkey 7.8% 13,905 76,667,864 17.75% - TRY Sep 2018
Ukraine 49% 6,665* 42,977,367 15.00% - UAH Jun 2018
Iran 15.3% 12,258*** 77,895,300 15.00% - IRR Jun 2018
Mongolia 8.3% 4,744 2,982,861 12.8% - MNT Aug 2019
Pakistan 7.7% 2,683 188,145,000 11.43% - PKR Aug 2019
Kazakhstan 5.8% 14,391 17,353,700 10.50% - KZT Jun 2018
Syria 59.1% 5,041 (2010) 22,920,273 10% - SYP Aug 2019
Azerbaijan 2.4% 9,552,500 10.00% - AZN Aug 2019
Georgia 4.1% 6,145 4,490,500 9.65% - GEL Aug 2019
Rwanda 5.9% 1,354 10,996,891 9.50% - RWF Jun 2018
Nepal 8.3% 1,200 27,646,053 9.25% - NPR Aug 2019
Egypt 13.3% 6,114 87,500,200 9.00% - EGP Jun 2018
Turkmenistan 9% 9,510 5,830,756 9.00% - TMT Jul 2018
Uganda 4.9% 1,305 36,600,000 9.00% - UGX Jul 2018
Myanmar 8.9% 1327 51,419,420 9% - MMK Aug 2019
Ghana 8.8% 3,081 27,043,093 8.90% - GHS Jun 2018
South Africa 5% 10,229 54,002,000 8.78% - ZAR May 2018
Vietnam 18.9% 2,942 89,708,900 7.80% - VND Jun 2018

Globally deposit rates are products provided and offered by banks to let consumers save for an agreed period time for a fixed interest rate. Constrasting to central bank rates, deposit rates can influence consumers and their investments in other asset classes, while the central bank rates may effect what rates banks may set. A high or low deposit rate for a country can be indicative of the performance of the economy which could be very high because of high inflation. 

* Note: Using 2009 IMF figures for (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita.

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  • Q: how can I deposit money in Argentina to get this hight interest rate

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  • Q: What are the requirements to open an account? I have NOT received an answer to a previous question!!

    Reply Dave from Chattanooga, United States
    • R: Depends on the country to invest in

      Reply ammar
    • R: Depends on the country to invest in

      Reply ammar
  • Q: Hi, Is there a similar site for the interest rates of Building Societies and Co-operatives? Thanks, Michael.

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    • R: You can deposit your funds in Indian bank.

      Reply Saurabh
  • Q: Is there a big possibility that there are some banks in the Philippines that will offer 25% HIGHEST INTEREST RATE for a TIME DEPOSIT? I need your urgent reponse regarding my concern... Thank you!

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    • R: are the interest rates insured like in the u. S. A.

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  • Q: Can an American , living in the US, deposit money in these banks and get these fixed rate of returns? Thank you

    Reply Kip from United States
    • R: I think you can . Bbc sad some thing about it Americas can open a bank account in iran.. you can put some one in the bank and live like a king in iran.

      Reply Mehrashena
  • Q: I m Indian citizen .....can I open FD account in Argentina banks?

    Reply anil from India
    • R: Anil, Did you get any clarity on the same? Regarding opening of account? Please let me know.

      Reply Devesh
    • R: yes you can..just get in touch what is the Argentinian Embassy in India You probably have to end up going to that Embassy

      Reply Mohammad mehrashen
  • Q: I am a citizen of india, can you please mail me the procedures to make deposits in Argentina banks

    Reply arvind from India
    • R: Hello...this is not just for you arvind, but for all. Look at the forex rate chart of ARS first and see its volatility..(specifically USDARS)..And the most important thing is that even if the value of Argentine Peso(ARS) will drop by 0.5 point (for eg. USD/ARS increases from 15.000 to 15.500) you will suffer a loss of around 1.75% of your you can just think of the loss if the rate of USD/ARS increases by around 4-5 point as it did on 17 dec 2015...

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  • Q: I live in the Bahamas, I would like to do a deposit in Argentina, what are the procedures?

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    • R: I think those numbers are for local currency, not US dollars. Thus, due to inflation rates you will barely earn smth in Argentinian banks

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  • Q: Is it possible to make a term deposit in Argentina while I'm living in Australia? I would like to make use of the 1 monthly deposits at an interest rate of 27.5%. Thanks

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    • R: Oh 1more thing.... when you want to take your money from Argentina usually there's limits on how much you can take a month or year... the government laws and banking laws read all about it.. And how much of your money the government will ensure if the bank goes bankrupt.

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