Worldwide Loan Rates By Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Deutsche Bank Home Loan 1,873 1870 Germany 1.07% - EUR Jun 2018
Rabobank 1 Year Home Loan 910 1972 Netherlands 1.20% - EUR Feb 2018
Credit Suisse 5 Year Home Loan 1856 Switzerland 1.28% - CHF Feb 2018
ING Belgium 1 Year Car Loan 761 1871 Belgium 1.39% - EUR Jun 2018
ING 1 Year Home Loan 1991 Netherlands 1.44% - EUR Feb 2018
ABN AMRO 1 Year Home Loan 3,000 1720 Netherlands 1.44% - EUR Mar 2019
Nomura Short Term Loan 176 1993 Japan 1.50% - JPY Sep 2019
Coventry Building Society 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 70 1884 United Kingdom 1.59% - GBP Aug 2019
Bank of Scotland 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 300 1695 United Kingdom 1.64% - GBP Jul 2018
HSBC Taiwan Home Loan 46 2010 Taiwan 1.65%~3.54% - TWD Feb 2018
HSBC UK 2 Year Fixed Mortgage 1725 1865 United Kingdom 1.74% - GBP Jul 2018
Barclays Fixed Rate Mortgage 1700 1690 United Kingdom 1.85% - GBP Jul 2018
DBS Singapore HDB Home Loan 80 1968 Singapore 1.85% - SGD Aug 2019
Nordea 3 Month Home Loan 1,400 1820 Sweden 1.99% - SEK Feb 2018
Clydesdale Bank 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 140 1838 United Kingdom 1.99% - GBP Jul 2018
SEB 1 Year Home Loan 1856 Sweden 2.04% - SEK Feb 2018
Chase 15 Year Fixed Mortgage 5600 1799 United States 2.125% - USD May 2021
Citibank Hong Kong 30 Year Mortgage 41 1902 Hong Kong 2.15% - HKD Jun 2018
Bank BPH Home Loan Megahipoteka 300 Poland 2.29% - PLN Jun 2018
Fokus Bank 3 Year Home Loan 32 1859 Norway 2.35% - NOK Feb 2018

In general banks and other providers worldwide offer lending and loan product that have its interest rates associated with risks of each type of loan to a client. These risks can vary but for example can include secured (in which the borrower pledges collateral from an asset (e.g. a car or property for a auto or housing loan) or unsecured (loan is not secured against the borrower's assets such as credit cards/personal loans) loans. In addition providers can use credit scoring models or a score derived from a third party agency to form part of banks or lending institutions framework to grant credit or loan approvals to its clients.

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