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Busy Week For Corporate Earnings

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Blackberry maker, Research In Motion (RIMM) is set to report earnings this Wednesday. Analysts are expecting revenue of $4.3 billion dollars and earnings of $1.28 per share. Particular attention will be paid to RIMM's forecast for the current year. Is RIMM increasing market share in the smartphone market or losing share to Apple, Google, and Palm?

On Thursday Carmax (KMX) is expected to report earnings of $1.76 billion dollars and an EPS of 25 cents per share. The country's largest used car retailer expects to benefit from auto shoppers looking to save money. Carmax should provide insight into the American consumer's attitude towards spending on big ticket items. If sales are brisk, it may be a sign that consumer confidence is improving.

Analysts are looking for revenue of $1.81 billion dollars and earnings of 63 cents per share from Mosaic (MOS). The fertilizer producer has been a favorite of many analysts and has been the subject of many takeover rumors.  

Thrift store Dollar General (DG) is scheduled to report earnings this Wednesday. Forecasts are for $3.2 billion in revenue and 43 cents per share in earnings. Dollar General is currently trading at 20.6 times the current year's estimated earnings of $1.23. 

Investors are looking for semiconductor maker Micron Technology (MU) to report financial results in line with expectations. Micron is expected to report $1.81 billion in revenue and EPS of 23 cents.  Shares currently trade at $10.49.

Article by Mark Riddix

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