Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) Adds Multitasking to iPhone

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

In probably one of the more anticipated features related to the Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) iPhone business users have been waiting for, multitasking is now part of the experience, and it could cause a number of businesses and individuals to change to the iPhone as a result, with the added strength of keeping businesses in the iPhone fold.

There were other features improved with the iPhone which users will like and appreciate, but the multitasking far outweighs them all.

How the new operating system will work is you will be able to access a variety of applications at the same time through a dock at the lower part of the screen. The applications will all be running at the same time for quick access when you need to change between them.

For anyone using the existing operating system of the iPhone, you'll know the frustration related to the applications because they have to be active to access, whereas with the new operating system they'll all be available whenever you need them, as they're continually running in the background.

One additional features users should like is the ability to go between apps without losing the place you were working with on each application. That's a great improvement over the performance of the current system when using the switching function to migrate between them.

While Apple has denied there being a potential power problem with the new applications, many think it could be a much larger drain on the device, and could cause frustration and negative experiences if the iPhones no longer operate on one charge for a day.

If the need arises to charge it more than that, it could cause a number of people to not download it, as at that time they would have to weigh the benefits versus the negatives.

Steve Jobs has stated this won't be a problem, but it hasn't been made clear why it won't be, and if Apple has something in place to deal with it as the time approaches for the official launch.

As far as the multitasking and improved e-mail features, they're going to be a welcome improvement for users, and if the power issue doesn't become a large one or is minimal, it could increase the value of the iPhone among the business community, which is where the real money will be at in the years ahead.

Article by Gary B

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