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China’s insurance industry only resumed business in 1980 but is already the second largest insurance market in Asia, after Japan. The industry is growing rapidly as more people seek to protect their property and family and domestic insurers gain experti...
Insurance (Sep 15th, 09)
Rumourtrage – trading based on rumours – can move markets, is often proven to be nonsense and allows market manipulation.  But it is hard to track and stop and share prices can be battered before companies get the chance to respond.Australia&r...
Investing (Sep 15th, 09)
The risk of poverty in old age is surprisingly high in Japan, which is not only a wealthy country but has a mandatory pension system designed to cover every adult.Japan’s baby boomers began retiring in 2007 and while other industrialized countries wrestl...
Retirement (Sep 15th, 09)
Hong Kong’s gross national product (GNP) fell 2.2 per cent year on year for the second quarter on lower economic activity and a fall in earnings from investment abroad. The Territory’s Census and Statistics Department said gross national product f...
(Sep 14th, 09)
The European Union is emerging from recession but gross domestic product (GDP) in the EU and the euro area is still expected to fall by 4 per cent this year according to an interim forecast released this week. The EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner...
(Sep 14th, 09)
Lending for construction in Australia slowed in July, raising concerns about the strength of the economic recovery and the effectiveness of the Federal Government’s economic stimulus in encouraging business activity. Figures released by the Australian B...
Construction (Sep 14th, 09)
The Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel Ltd. will be launching a "global wholesale service" in Singapore. Bharti Airtel has more than 100 million customers in India making it the largest mobile-service provider in India. By opening up to carriers around the ...
(Aug 16th, 09)
While Google Inc's quarterly profit did beat Wall Street expectations it was not as high as some investors had hoped. However it bodes well for internet advertising in general as there has not been a collapse in online advertising as some has suspected. Googl...
Internet (Jul 16th, 09)
Seeking further consolidation in the chinese airline industry, China Eastern Airlines Corp offers 9 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) for the Shanghai Airlines Co. Source:
(Jul 12th, 09)
The largest maker of recharchable batteries, Sanyo Electronic says it is aiming to quadruple sales by 2015 primarily due to the future production of gasline-electric powered cars. Source:
Technology (Jul 5th, 09)
The Riksbank, Sweden's central bank has cut the deposit rate to -0.25%. Effectively the central bank is charging a negative rate of funds within the bank. Although it does not necessarily mean private banks will be charging a negative rates of return of deposi...
Investing (Jul 2nd, 09)
As the biggest initial public offering (IPO) this year,  VisaNet made its debut on the Bovespa stock exchange.  VisaNet is the company 'in charge of merchant relations for Visa System affiliates and for all Visa card transactions performed in Brazil...
(Jun 30th, 09)
Global Travel is down accross most of the world with many major airlines being affected by slowing ticket sales according to IATA (International Air Transport Association.) In summary Asia Pacific sales are down 14 per cent from May last year Mexico plane...
Airlines (Jun 28th, 09)
THE IMF foresees Australian GDP to only contract by .5% rather then by 1.4% it had forecast in April 2009. It has also increased its outlook for 2010 to 1.5% GDP growth compared to .6% in April The IMF also indicated government spending had an impact to boost...
Australia (Jun 24th, 09)
In India the Timeshare firm Mahindra Holidays & Resorts is intending to raise up to $62 Million in its initial public offering. The regulator ( Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) gave its approval in March as it waited since March 2008. For ...
(Jun 22nd, 09)
In the UK the public sector net borrowing requirement known as the (PSNBR)  stood at its highest level this month since it had started to record in1993.  In May  approximately there was 20 billion pounds in public deficit which have impacted on ...
(Jun 18th, 09)
As President Barack Obama's new regulatory reform plan is proposed to congress, some of the changes for the financial regulation reform he has indicated includes: Replacing the President's Working Group with a Financial Services Oversight Council that woul...
Regulation (Jun 17th, 09)
Examining the emerging market countries such as Indonesia, India, Philippines and Pakistan we know they are still in there growth stages but still have there relative risks. Below are some facts sourced from bloomberg in regards to price/earning ratios and we...
Emerging Markets (Jun 16th, 09)
Negative basis trading is the concept in the derivative markets is to basically profit from price discrepancies betwen bonds and credit default swaps (CDS). For example in Asia can be attractive for 'basis trades' because of credit quality So as in investor ...
Derivative Markets (Jun 16th, 09)
Japans Public Pension fund, with approximately 120 trillion yen in its reserves and the worlds biggest pension fund may decide to sell japanese governmen bonds sometime this year to cover payments for retirees.
(Jun 15th, 09)
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